Fast Form Column formwork system available for hire or sale.


Fast Form Column formwork

Sizes available in 4′ to 21′ high as standard from 10” wide upwards and compatible with our standard steel &  aluminium wall system.

Access and handrails available if required, a lightweight hand fit system that’s saves on crane costs in Aluminium or a crane lifted system in Steel.

Benefits over other systems:

  • Hand fit system available, no crane required and so much improved efficiency for stripping and re-fixing as you don’t have to wait for a crane ( aluminium only)
  • Ply is fixed from behind and any type of ply can be used so you can have any type of finish on your column formwork from fair faced to feature column patterns
  • Lightest system on the market, fast and easy to erect and strip column
  • Compatible with our wall systems
  • NO KICKER SLAB REQUIRED our unique fixing system which bolts you your slab means you don’t need to cast a kicker which is an additional cost saving
  • Fast and easy alignment
  • Unlike semi permanent and cardboard column formwork systems, you can re-use time and time again for around 25 years
  • Easy to adjust the columns formwork to other sizes, the Fast Form column formwork system is so flexible it will cope with almost any size or type of column

Column Former Fast Form for permanent round and square columns formers & formliners.

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Also available are permanent carboard columns from 6” to over 6’diameter and also available as a Square column. 

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