Google / You Tube Headquarters, London

Fast Form FULL Case Study Google Headquarters in London UK (click to open)


72′ X 36′ X 21′ high (22m x 11m x 6.5m) high Sound Studio to be constructed inside a newly finished Office Block at 6 Pancras Square, London, opposite St Pancras Station.

The office block was completed for handover but Google have decided to install a large sound studio in the centre of the building.

The 2 storey studio meant that an existing floor slab had to be removed to enable the 2 storey structure to be constructed.

Some walls are between floors, some are full height, some meet existing lift shafts and there is a middle wall with 2 corners. The design called for a single pour!

The main problems on the contract are space, all the formwork has to be brought in through a set of standard doors by hand and it also has to be able to be carried manually through the building from the basement loading bay and on truck no more than 16,500 lbs gross.

Once in place the system has to be light enough to be erected to 21′ high (6.5m high) by hand with no mechanical lifting. For these reasons all the usual formwork systems were ruled out.

Also the Studio is over 2 floors, there are lift shafts either side, some single sided permanent formwork was required where the studio backed onto an existing restaurant with a block work wall between the studio and the restaurant, there were also internal walls to contend with.