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Resellers / Agents & Distributors wanted in the USA & Worldwide.

If you would like to start a very profitable business in your State / Country.
please call or email for more details.
If you have a construction or equipment rental company its very easy to create a sub division
for our unique Formwork System.
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Fast-Form have the World’s only complete Sheet Pile Capping Beam system,
forming all sides of the beam, any shape straight or radius, any size, single and double sided shown,
lightweight and fast to install without mechanical lifting, no other system comes close!

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Fast Form has 2 walls systems, a modular Steel system built up in-Situ by hand
and a super lightweight Aluminium panel system, both available in various sizes from 48’’ high
to 252’’ high, see why we are the number 1 for Basement construction by visiting our Wall System page.

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Fast Form lightweight Aluminium wall climbing system gives a working platform of over 80’’
Designed to work with our super lightweight Aluminium wall system which is available in 48’’ to 252’’
heights and is available in straight and radius forms.

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Fast-Form brackets are available in 5’’ / 7’’ / 17’’ / 25’’ / 33’’ / 48’’ / 72’’ high and
can be fixed down with wood screws / road pins and concrete bolts to slab decking / soft ground
and concrete for all types of beams, walls and plinths, straight & curved

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Fast-Form offer Bespoke Design and Manufacturing.

We have full 3D CAD and 3D model printing capabilities and also provide full structural calculations
Recent contracts / clients in the UK, include: London Underground / Network Rail and the British Army.

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Fast- Form is Faster / Safer / Greener and more Efficient than Timber formwork,
this picture says it all, what’s more Fast-Form can reduce your Carbon Footprint by up to 90%
and give cost and time savings overall of up to 60%, for all types of slabs, beams and walls

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Fast- Form is Faster / Safer / Greener and more Efficient
than Timber formwork.

Fast-Form can reduce your Carbon Footprint
by up to 90% and give cost and time savings
overall of up to 60%, for all types of slabs, beams and walls

Switch to Fast Form and save time on making formwork,
time on installing, work Safer and Faster and Save Money
and the Environment!

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Fast Form have clients Worldwide and is the fastest growing Formwork system on the market.
From small to mid-sized contractors to large Multi Nationals what ever your companies size
Fast Form has a Low Cost / Low Carbon solution for all your Formwork needs.

Recent contracts & clients include:

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Fast-Form ™


Welcome to Fast-Form Systems : Formwork rental & sales USA.

We are happy to announce our first US distributor:

Spec West Concrete Systems in California see our distributor page for contact details, they supply California and all of the USA.

Fast-Form Systems Ltd are manufacturers & suppliers of Fast-Form ™  the Award winning, Patented formwork available for rental & sale in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia & Worldwide.

Download our USA brochure

We are looking for USA Distributors in all US States and welcome all enquiries, interested in becoming a distributor? email we will have representatives at World Of Concrete in Las Vegas in January 2017, if you would like to arrange a meeting please call or email.

Spec West will also be on our booth to take all enquiries for rental and sales as our US Distributor, so come along and see Fast Form for yourself Booth C6387


Fast-Form™  is  SAFER / GREENER / MORE EFFICIENT & SUSTAINABLE the best solution to your formwork and shuttering needs with full design & bespoke service available.

The versatile, lightweight, adjustable formwork rental system that offers a fast & efficient alternative to costly timber shutters & large panel systems, much lighter and more flexible no system offers all the applications of Fast-Form ™  Because its a lightweight systems our delivery costs  / Carbon emission are also lower!

Fast-Form ™  is a more robust and flexible solution than timber. Handrails and full access platforms can be attached for a complete formwork / shuttering and access solution that is not possible with timber shutters. No other formwork system can offer the flexibility of Fast-Form ™  and no system can compete on cost! Want a quote, please call or fill out our Quotation Form.

Fast-Form™ will improve your safety, reduce your carbon footprint and save you time and money, typically 50-60% cost and time savings can be achieved against traditional methods and traditional methods use up to 10 times more Carbon, using Fast Form can also lower you Carbon Footprint by 90% see the Cost and Carbon savings by clicking here Carbon Footprint Savings.

See Fast-Form ™ in action in one of our instructional videos or see our Gallery for pictures including our latest contracts  or download the USA brochure

See our Case Study page comparing costs & time savings against traditional shuttering and panels systems and see how Fast Form can save up to 60% on the cost of your next project.

Our system comes in various sizes to suit your requirements and with full structural & load calculations.


  • No capital outlay if rented, no wastage and nothing to de-nail remove and store
  • If purchased the system offers a 20 year plus lifespan and so pays for itself many thousands of time over
  • Reduce your timber wastage and carbon footprint , timber can be eliminated completely with Plastic Ply
  • Lightweight, easily handled by one person, unlike panel systems which almost always need mechanical lifting our brackets start at just 9 lbs and so easily meets manual handling regulations
  • No Crane or lifting machinery required!
  • Comes with structural calculations for loadings, a requirement for many sites now but difficult and costly to do for timber shutters
  • Made from high grade, 100% recyclable materials. Made in the USA!
  • Faster and more efficient than timber or any other formwork system, save money on the most expensive part of the job, your labor Costs!
  • Less expensive than timber or any other formwork system
  • Walls need NO kickers meaning less work, less concrete finishing & NO holes, ideal for Bunds, or water retaining structures (up to 7′ high)
  • Flexible and easily adapted to many different uses
  • Allows you to meet working at height regulations with easily attached handrails for edge protection and access platforms to give a safe working area
  • Unlike other formwork systems there are no parts to lose and be charged for, no assembly or dis-assembly and virtually no chance of damaging the brackets, so no additional or unforeseen costs
  • Because our system is protected against concrete it is easily cleaned off and unlike panel systems there are no crevices for concrete to fill up! so No cleaning charges.
  • Unlike panel systems there are no unsightly joints and our system is perfect for fair faced finishes
  • You can even rent ply from us meaning no capital outlay at all

Fast-Form ™ is a registered trademark of Fast-Form Systems Ltd, Fast-Form and its products are Copyright and Patent protected.

Legal Notice: Fast Form ™ is the Trade Mark of Fast-Form Systems Ltd and all copyright and intellectual property belong to the company. Fast Form ™ is covered by the following Patents: granted GB2508263 / GB2533172 Patents Pending GB 1616005.3 / GB 1506126.0 / US-2016-0194887 / PCT WO2016 / 110663 / EP 14780541.0 / PCT GB2014 / 052586.

Copyright or Trade Mark infringements will be prosecuted, If you see any similar system in operation without our name on it please send us an email to, we offer a reward for all successful prosecutions.


Our UK & International Customers